Lightning Charge Your Browser

Bring the power of lightning to the web with in-browser payments and identity, all with your own node.

Send in One Click
Bolt-11 and WebLN payments happen all in browser, no alt+tab needed.
Manage Channels
Monitor your open channels and check your capacity.
Transaction History
View past payments, deposits, or monitor pending invoices.
Synced Settings
Your connection info and settings are shared between browsers.
Open Source
Completely open code that can be audited and extended by anyone.
No tracking software
No stats, analytics, or other trackers come with the extension.
home screen send payment form

Everything you need

Leave the command line behind. Joule will handle payments, invoices, and much more in a user-friendly way

Quick & easy setup

Just point Joule at your node, give it your macaroon files, and you're all set

node form node form
payment prompt form
payment prompt form

Convenient & Secure

Make payments just by clicking on a BOLT-11 link. But payments are never made without decrypting your secure credentials.

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